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We offer a full range of services for your trees.

Tree felling: 

We will check with your Local Authority to confirm whether a Tree Preservation Order is in place for your tree or whether your tree is in a conservation area.

Tree felling can be carried out if the site conditions allow. Where this would be difficult, we can carry out sectional felling by use of elevated work platforms or specially trained tree climbers and lowering equipment. 

Tree Pruning

This technique preserves the shape and size of your tree and removes dead or diseased wood. Branches which may cause a danger are identified and removed  as are crossing and rubbing branches which may attract disease and decay, becoming dangerous later.

There are several methods of pruning which can be carried out. Which method to use will depend on the tree, the client's needs and the aesthetic of the tree and its situation.

Crown cleaning

This involves the removal of dead, diseased, or dying wood...It can also mean the removal of, weakly attached and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree. 

Crown thinning

This increases light penetration and air circulation at the crown of the tree. It lightens the trees' foliage and reduces weight on limbs while maintaining the natural shape of the tree.

Crown lifting

By removing lower branches, this can increase clearance under the tree for pedestrians and traffic. 

Crown reduction 

This will reduce the spread or height of a tree. Unlike 'topping', which is unsightly, this technique allows the tree to continue in its natural shape and produce new, lighter growth. The overall size of the tree is reduced. This technique can be used when clearing for power and telephone lines.

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